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1. Picture Of The Late-Fall-Sun
2. My Flat & My Shadow
3.Pink Glasses
4. You'll See
5. Peak Of A Feeling
6. Poison City
7. Don't Forget Your Umbrella
8. On The Fields
9. Copy & Paste
10. A Bridge Needs To Be Built
11. DCC.


On The Fields


"(...)eigenständig und originell und vor allem zeitlos. DCC lassen sich nicht einschüchtern und knallen ihre Songs so auf den Tisch, wie sie kommen. Ohne Zurückhaltung oder scheu vor Emotionen. Einfach schön.!"
(The Gap)

"Within the first song "pictures of the late fall sun" dust covered carpet amass the connotations of current prairie music favorites: the singing swagger and stumble of Will Oldham, the major-minor chord changes that denominate the emotional breakdowns and excitement of Connor Oberst's art of songwriting, the drama and narrativity of songstructures as well as some of the arrangements of The Decemberists, a hint of the harmonic ideas that (gasp) The Mamas & The Papas spread over the world, and so on, and that is only the first song on this eleven song collection.
(...) Take for example "Poison City" and its various instances a capella points of stressing a line or a verse, its rhythm shifts and variations on the main themes be they melody or content of the lyrics. That is gifted songwriting."

"Dust Covered Carpet's music by far is too amazing to be called the new 21st century music for Folk Pop genres.
(...)When I first heard the track "You'll See", it was like a musical explosive of hip, pop, folk on a twist; the album is filled with many different feelings, exceedingly powerful.
(...)Dust Covered Carpet music has something to offer all music genres…get in a lull spot in your mind and just listen."

"(...)Für ein Highlight sorgt das junge Wiener Kollektiv Dust Covered Carpet um den Multiinstrumentalisten Volker Buchgraber. Zwischen zeitgenössischem US-Weird-Folk und den melancholischen Streichelzooharmonien von Belle & Sebastian geht in den elf Songs ihrer ersten regulären CD mehr als nur einmal die Sonne auf."


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