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Bim02 - Bruspi - I Look Pretty When I'm Alone













Beatismurder.com proudly hosts Bruspi's first and yet only release. Written and recorded in late july 2004, they finally gave us the chance to publish that frantic piece of thinking man's post-punk (whatever...)

Bruspi respectfully revert to the straightforwarded and intelligent method of "guitar + drums = swaggering hips", countered by an almost kittenish approach on old analog synthesizers and crackbrained digital processing. This rather loose working concept finally beared an intense ride, letting you get off with a sick feeling and sore ears.

But besides all that noise (more than you'd ever expect from just two lanky boys) there's always enough melody to lead you through all that anger, desperation and sarcasm. If you ever get behind that wall of distortion you might find this record more "emo" than the obvious image of Sonicyouth-artpunk-nowave that most likely will come to your mind first.

So go get it and tell all your friends. Or, if you don't have any friends, listen to it alone and feel even worse.















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