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Originally started as another solo-side-project in autumn 2005, LIGER quickly evolved to austria's most passionate artpop outfit.

A lot of different instruments (as well as influences) are thrown into the "game"; Founder Dino Spiluttini and his bandmate Gernot Scheithauer (not wanting themselves to be limited by anything) are working with guitars, zither, accordion, keyboards, vibraphone, glockenspiel, various percussion instruments, ukulele, electronics...
They have played several tours that lead them through 8 countries, sharing stages with acts like Carla Bozulich's Evangelista, Unwed Sailor, The Paper Chase, Rechenzentrum, Otto Von Schirach, Picastro, Britta Persson, Trouble Over Tokyo, A.R.E Weapons...

LIGER used to release free mp3 E.P.s on Beatismurder's netlabel platform but recently decided to join the corporal pop shit business game.

R.I.P. 2010


Dino Spiluttini: Vocals, Guitars, Electronics, Accordion, Ukulele, Zither, Percussion, Harmonium…
Gernot Scheithauer: Percussion, Keyboards, Zither, Electronics, Harmonium, Autoharp, Piano…



Interview (german)
Interview 2 (german)
Interview 3 (german)


What was recording like? It sounds like it might have been a challenge...

D.S.: Writing music with Liger is the hardest possible way to create music for me.
Liger became my most important project, the one thing that i would give everything up for. We're putting a lot of time and work into Liger, so of course we breed very high expectations. We no longer can work on our stuff with free minds, there's just too much brainfucking going on. Don't get me wrong: i'm totally proud of what we created, and i do love our music, and the music comes from the heart. But the process of creation is extremely exhausting. Also, i want Liger to be as honest and direct as possible, so writing songs totally can equal a therapist session. I'm serously scared of recording the next album.

What is the album about?

The initial idea was to make it some kind of classic "coming-of age" album, but somewhere along the way i lost track of this intention and kind of just let it flow.
However, it eventually turned out to become some kind of “almost concept album”, but instead of the narrow "oh snap i'm getting old" theme it grew into an autobiographical mix of emotional obedience, failure, intimacy, loss, physical and psychical violence, embarrassment, chocolate and cute little furry animal babies.

How did you get together? How did Liger start?

I started Liger out of boredom in late 2005 as another one of my pointless solo projects. 6 months and two EPs later Gernot dropped me an email: "Hey man, i like your stuff, let's make a band", or something like that.
And thus we created magic!
We have been working as a duo for over 2 years now, recorded almost 20 songs, spent many moons in hotel rooms and shitty tour vans and we have not yet killed each other. If that's not a good sign for a mutual future, then what is?


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