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Dust Covered Carpet is an action-folk-rock band founded by Volker Buchgraber in 2007, who had already self released two albums in the years before and was constantly live performing with Viennese based guest musicians and friends from 2003 until 2006.
Volker worked on Dust Covered Carpets debut album “Rerededust the Doubts I Trust”, from March 2007 until January 2008 in his own flat on self bought equipment and homemade lo-fi one man recordings and vocal arrangements. He was soon supported by his bandmates to- be. A highly colourful and experimental sound was born.
The Berlin/Vienna based recordlabel “Beatismurder Records” took great interest in the band after its debut release and has been a partner ever since. The bands cast of guitars, drums, accordion, cello, violin, clarinet, transverse flute, e-bass, choirs and small ambient generating instruments ensures an unmistakably unique sound.
In August 2009 the band Dust Covered Carpet, whose members have been reduced to 6 fixed characters, withdrawed to a house near Berlin to record their second album. The result “A Cloud, Pushed and Squeezed” that has been released on “Beatismurder”. It has been described to be, the bandalbum.
11 dynamic songs filled with various rhythms, harmonies, emotions and timeless energy.
After some time of touring and working on and pre-recording new material, the band recorded their 3rd album in august 2011 which shall be released somewhere around March 2012 (it´s gonna be epic!).


Volker Buchgraber: Vocals, Guitars, Songwriting, Recording
Katharina Pfiel: Accordion, Vocals, Transverse Flute, Clarinet
Julia Luiki: Violin, Vocals,Glockenspiel,Flute
Armin Buchgraber: Drums, Vocals, Guitars
Magdalena Adamski: Cello, Melodica, Flute, Vocals
Dominik Hartl: Bass, Clarinet, Vocals






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