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Br'er was formed by Benjamin Schurr and Christian Mirande in October of 2006.
Formed Originally as a means to complete several unfinished songs Benjamin recorded for his old band CAW! Br'er quickly became its own entity after several manic recording sessions with borrowed equipment, broken keyboards and other pieces of musical trash lying around.
"Of Shemales and Kissaboos" the first Br'er Album was recorded in a period right after Benjamin got off of being on medicine and was homeless resulting in guerilla records of having to find a place to stay, haul a bunch of equipment, record for a few days and leave.
Br'er became a functional band with the addition of harpist/multi-instrumentalist Darian Scatton in July of 2007, which resulted in a three-piece line up of Benjamin, Christian and Darian for the first 2 months of live shows.

Br'er has had several line up changes but is now Benjamin Schurr, Darian Scatton, Roger Martinez and Gabby Smith. A New Ep is finished, Several singles are in the works as well as multiple tours and compilation tracks.



Benjamin Schurr: Vocals, Nylon-Stringed Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonium
Darian Scatton : Autoharp, Singing Saw, Organ, Novation K Station, Harmonium
Roger Martinez: Nylon String Guitar, Cello, Clarinet, Vocals
Gabrielle Smith: Violin, Organ, Novation K-Station, Glockenspiel, Vocals





89.5 WAHS Radio Interview with Benjamin Schurr


Painted Lady :: BR'ER live @ Monkeytown, Philly



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